Victory Baptist Church Missions

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commissioned His church when He said to go and make disciples from all nations. In keeping with this mandate, Victory Baptist Church has the responsibility of sharing the gospel with our local neighbors as well as people in other nations around the world.

We believe missionaries should be sent through and supported by the local church. Early in our ministry we began to support missions and to date we have twenty-one missionaries in ten countries that we partner with in their work to evangelize people around the world.

We are devoted to missions because:

  1. Our Lord commanded it. Mark 16:15 ; Acts 1:8 ; Matthew 28:19-20 .
  2. The people of the world are lost. John 3:18 ; Romans 1:18 ; Romans 3:20 .
  3. There is only one way of salvation. Acts 4:12 ; 1Timothy 2:5-6 ; 1 John 2:2 .
  4. The lost must hear the message. Romans 10:13-15 .